Limousin Region

27 Bd de la Corderie
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Region Limousin is empowered to work on economic development, support to enterprises, R&D, environment & sustainable development, professional training. Region Limousin suffers from a lack of innovative initiatives in the field of green tech & needs to support small enterprises to invest in this field by developping private public partnerships. The region isn’t in advance regarding ecoinnovation & green tech.


Therefore, the Region has already supported the creation & the settlement of a high technology enterprise, manufacturing & marketing blocks & plates of polycrystalline silicon used in particular in the solar photovoltaic one. The creation & the settlement of this enterprise (10 years ago) was supported by Region Limousin which financed initial investments, but also part of the staff (public private partnership). The activities of this enterprise are offering interesting economic perspectives at regional level by developing the solar energy sector, not only at the production & processing level, but also for the consumption by providing technical engineering for installing individual or collective equipments.

The region also has competences with ERDF OP & has recently added a new measure related to green growth to this OP.


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