Non-ferrous Metals Manufacturing: Vision for 2050 and Actions Needed

Audience: Private
Date: 2017-07-11

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The European non-ferrous metals manufacturing industry is an important and strategic sector directly employing 500 000 people and supplying products for numerous crucial downstream industrial sectors, such as public and private transport, energy production, construction and aeronautics, to name a few. As a capital intensive industry, its investment horizon spans over decades and is thus particularly in need of adopting a long-term strategic perspective.

The objectives of this foresight study are twofold. First, it aims at defining a long-term vision for the nonferrous metals manufacturing industry: it proposes indeed an aspirational, achievable and clear view of where the sector aims to be in 2050. Second, the goal is to propose concrete actions that the industry itself, but also policy, research and other stakeholders can take to address the challenges faced by the sector on its path towards the vision. Special attention was given to aspects related to advanced manufacturing techniques.