Role of follower cities in replication: expanding Smart Cities around Europe

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Thursday 22 June 2017
Greater Birmingham and West Midlands Brussels Office, Floor 6, Avenue d'Auderghem 22, 1040 Bruxelles
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During the EUSEW, ERRIN will be hosting a joint event with ICLEI on follower cities in Horizon 2020.

The event will explore follower cities in Horizon 2020-funded Smart City projects, and answer questions such as: What are follower cities? Does it make sense for my city? And what is the potential to become a follower city? Come and learn more from current follower cities. Find the agenda below. REGISTER BELOW!


The event will be followed by an ICLEI lead event, also on Lighthouse and follower cities in Horizon 2020 projects. Following a short coffee break, the event will take place at the same venue from 16:00 - 17:30. REGISTER HERE!


Do not miss out on the chance to participate in two streamlined event on Lighthouse and Follower cities under the same roof! REMEMBER YOU HAVE TO REGISTER TO EACH SEPARATELY!




Due to European Summit taking place at Schuman on Thursday 22nd, some of the roads in the area will be closed. Please refer to the map attached below to see which roads are closed (red) and how to get to the venue (orange).

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