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The South Moravian Region (Czech: Jihomoravský kraj) is an administrative unit of the Czech Republic. The region lies in the southeast of the country on the borders with Austria and Slovakia. Its capital is Brno, the Czech Republic’s second largest city, centre of judiciary, a university town and a Central European trade fair centre. The region is well known for its deep cultural and historical roots and it is a place of many important architectural monuments in all architectural styles. It is also well known for its vivid folklore traditions and wine production. The region is strategically located at the crossroad of rail and road routes which are connecting west, south, east and north parts of Europe. In Brno-Tuřany there is the second largest airport in the Czech Republic. 

The South Moravian Region has great economic potential. The number of businesses in computer technology, telecommunications, software development and other hi-tech fields has been increasing significantly, particularly in recent years. The South Moravian Region offers significant support to the development of technology and biotechnology incubators designed for new companies. It is a home to a number of research and innovation centres. The biggest ones are:

  • CEITEC (Central European Institute of Technology) - a scientific centre in the fields of life sciences, advanced materials and technologies. It is a consortium whose partners include the most prominent universities and research institutes in Brno. (
  • CzechGlobe (Global Change Research Centre) – focuses on issues of environmental science, in particular on the problem of global climate change. It is one of two public research institutes of Global Change Research Centre, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. (
  • FNUSA-ICRC (International Clinical Research Center) – is a new-generation science and research center as well as a top-quality public healthcare center focusing on prevention, early detection and cure of primarily cardiovascular and neurological diseases. It is also a joint multidisciplinary platform for experimental medicine and biotechnology. (
  • JIC (South Moravian Innovation Centre) – is an agency that creates a favourable environment for innovative business in South Moravia. It helps early-stage businesses grow, create jobs and compete on the market. It supports collaboration between industry, R&D institutions and public administration bodies. (





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