Zero Emission Freight Vehicles in Urban Areas – Results from the Frevue Project

Date event: 
Wednesday 17 May 2017
Starting from: 
Hanse Brussels Office, Avenue Palmerston 20, B1000 Brussels
Event Type
External Event

The FREVUE (Freight Electric Vehicles in Europe) project looks at how innovative freight electric vehicles can help achieve emission free city logistics. FREVUE is a European Commission flagship project which demonstrates and evaluates innovative urban logistics solutions in eight of Europe’s largest cities. Over 80 electric freight vehicles have been tested in the day-to-day urban environment and logistics’ solutions developed using these types of vehicles.

The project has produced some stimulating results. The aim of this seminar is to outline these results and examine the performance of freight electric vehicles. It will discuss the impact of the project on the take up of urban freight vehicles and the issues that need to be resolved.  The seminar will also showcase the local projects which were part of the FREVUE project and look not only at the vehicles performance but the innovative logistics solutions that were developed by project partners.

The seminar will also look to the future and look at the FREVUE legacy and way in which the results can be built upon so that there is greater use of urban freight vehicles to promote an emission free city environment.

Speakers will include project partners and the European Commission.