Design-Driven Innovation: EU, Regional And Local Support For Creative Industries

Location: Unioncamere Lombardia, Place du Champ de Mars 2, 1000 Brussels
Event Date: 2018-03-08
Time: 09:00:00

Event Type:

Working Group

Working Group:

Design & Creativity



ERRIN's Design & Creativity Working Group welcomes you to an event on the 8th of March, 09.00 - 13.00, where participants will explore benefits of including design and creative industries in innovation. The event is hosted by Unioncamere Lombardia (Place du Champs de Mars 2, Brussels). 

During the first part of the event we will learn about design-driven innovation and creative industries supported through EU programmes. After that, we will focus on access to finance via the Cultural and Creative Sector Guarantee Facility as well as crowdfunding. Last but not least, we will discuss how design and creative industries can be included in regional and local innovation systems. 

The event aims at bringing together representatives from SMEs, universities, EU institutions, regional and local offices in Brussels, civil servants, intermediaries and practitioners. 

The event is public, open to ERRIN members and external organisations alike - feel free to circulate!

Below is an indicative agenda :  

Date: 8th of March
Time: 09.00 - 13.00
Venue: Unioncamere Lombardia EU Office, Place du Champs de Mars 2, Brussels


09.00-9.30           Registration and coffee

09.30-9.40           Welcome & Introduction
                            Francesco Zurlo, Deputy Director at Politecnico di Milano’s School of Design

Session 1: Showing ways to include CCIs in innovation processes by using EU programs

09.40 -10.00        Presentation of the WORTH project
                            Christina Molina, Textile Research Institute, Alcoy, Spain

10.00-10.20         Presentation of the Design4Innovation INTERREG Europe project
                            ​Steven Cleeren, Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship – Design4Innovation

10.20-10.30         Discussion

Session 2: Highlighting access to finance (the Guarantee Facility, crowdfunding)

10:30 - 10:50       Matching of Crowdfunding and Structural Funds
                            Francesca Passeri, European Crowdfunding Network

10:50 - 11:15       Cultural and Creative Sector Guarantee Facility
                            Maciej Szymanowicz, DG CONNECT

11.15-11.30         COFFEE BREAK

Session 3: Demonstrating inclusion of design and creative industries in regional innovation systems

11.30-11.50         Support the start-up of CCIs and the cross-innovation with SMEs in traditional sector: the European projects CREA and CO-CREATE
                            Arianna Vignati, Co-Director at Creative Industries Lab, Politecnico di Milano

11.50-12.10         How companies and organizations can engage with CCI - and how they can position themselves accordingly
                            Koen Snoeckx - Baltan Laboratories and Creative Ring, Eindhoven

12.10-12.35         When design… takes up residence - a program that facilitates integration of design in the companies
                            ​Laurent Vacheresse, Cité du Design. Saint Étienne

12.35-12.55         TBC - Programmes at the University of Wolverhampton supporting SME’s to introduce design innovations
                            Jonathan Lester, University of Wolverhampton

12.55-13.00         Wrap-up & conclusion


In addition to this, there is a training course hosted by Unioncamere Lombardia on the 7th March on design-driven innovation for Enterprises (more info here).


Kind regards,

Anna and Jakob, for the Design and Creativity WG