Digital Innovation Hubs as service providers for digitising European industry

Location: Saxony Liaison Office Brussels, Av. d'Auderghem 67, 1040 Brussels
Event Date: 2019-09-23
Time: 17:30:00

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European industry is strong in digital sectors such as electronics for automotive, security and energy markets, telecom equipment, business software, as well as laser and sensor technologies.
While creating Digital Innovation Hubs (DIH) for mastering the digitisation of European Industry is one of the key pillars of respective EU strategies, in particular innovative regions are often also based on clusters related to key technologies or applications.

At this event, the status quo of European strategies with regard to DIH will be discussed along with presentations of practical examples of select ERRIN regions on how clusters and DIH can successfully be interlinked. The focus will be put on the role of DIHs and how these can serve as service providers for digitising the European industry.
After the presentations, there will be an open discussion and a small reception to promote networking and knowledge transfer.


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