Health WG Meeting: Migration and health care

Location: Mid-Norway European Office, Avenue Palmerston 3, Brussels
Event Date: 2018-06-13
Time: 09:30:00

Event Type:

Working Group

Working Group:




This health working group meeting will focus on migrants and healthcare in the EU.

In recent years, Europe has experienced a large influx of migrants. While a large number of these people have fled countries affected by war, conflict and/or economic crisis, many are in need of different types of health care. While this puts pressure on national health care systems, the Member States and the EU now need to come together to address this public health issue, in order to provide migrants with the care they need. 

This working group meeting will shed light on;

  • EU Policy framework around migrants’ health care needs, adapted services, etc. from the receiving countries point of view.

  • Successful projects from ERRIN members highlighting results that can be useful and inspiring for other regions (collaborative approach between regional actors to address a real problem high on the agenda and its outcomes, service and care design.

We will finish with a joint sandwhich lunch.

Please find the agenda attached.