Innovative patient-centred strategies to improve dementia care and patient autonomy

Location: Representation of the State of Saxony-Anhalt to the EU, Boulevard Saint Michel 80, 1040 Brussels
Event Date: 2019-05-22
Time: 12:00:00

Event Type:

Member Event

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European regions are increasingly affected by significant ageing of their population as part of a more general process of

demographic change. Saxony-Anhalt is no exception to this rule. In this context, the event will showcase excellent

research projects from Saxony-Anhalt tackling issues related to innovative healthcare, demographic change, assistive

technology and robotics. On the basis of the research presented at the event, a panel discussion with representatives of

the European Commission and regional government involving the audience will centre on using excellent regional

research as a basis for international projects to exchange knowledge and best practices to tackle European societal

challenges. This debate will also seek to take into account possible synergies with other EU initiatives and programmes.

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