Micro-aggressions, Philosophy and Academia Conference 2019

Location: Greater Birmingham and West Midlands Brussels Office, 22-28 Avenue d’Auderghem B-1040 Brussels
Event Date: 2019-07-04
Time: 10:00:00

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Micro-aggressions, Philosophy and Academia Conference 2019

Have you ever felt on a micro level insults and insensitivities in the classroom based on socioeconomic status, disability, gender, gender expression or identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, nationality, or religion?

Our conference unpacks what micro-aggressions exactly are and how they can occur not only in the classroom but also in academia. We want to call students as well as academics to help find out solutions on tackling micro-agressions. The conference will work as a safe space where all views will be respected. We encourage any person to give testimonies about their personal experience within academia regarding experiences involving micro-aggressions. However, this is optional and no one will be forced to say anything they don’t want to.

The conference aims to share knowledge and further understanding of micro-aggressions, particularly looking at how micro-aggressions occur within arts subjects and broadly within the whole of academia.

The conference will have keynote speakers (academics and students) and group workshops focusing on increasing knowledge and further understanding of micro-aggressions.



Introduction (10.45AM-11.00AM)

Jaspal Gharu (University of Birmingham): ‘Philosophy and the diversity problem’ (11.00AM-11.30AM)

Workshop given by Jaspal Gharu and Lauren Blackwood (University of Birmingham): What are micro-aggressions?(11.30AM-1PM)


Keynote speaker: TBC (2PM- 2.30PM)

Student Call for Paper Panel Discussion (3PM-4.30PM)

Closing statement (4.30PM- 5PM)

Breakfast and Lunch will be provided! If you have special dietary requirements or general inquiries please email:

Jaspal Gharu: jxg426@student.bham.ac.uk