The Network of Healthcare Organizations Sicilian (Rete delle Aziende Sanitarie Siciliane: RASS) consists of 15 different institutions  of Healthcare Organizations (Hospitals, University Hospitals, Territorial Health Agencies ), and support of the Regional Board of Health. The expertise and excellence of the RASS concern aspects such as diagnosis, clinical research, health services management and health policy, with particular reference to the areas set out below:

• neuro-rehabilitation, clinical and instrumental neurophysiology, neuroimaging,

• onco-hematology and oncology (cancer registry)
• gynecology and maternal-child area
• rare genetic disorders associated with mental retardation and cerebral senile

• genodermatosis

• human and animal infectious diseases (with particular reference to Leishmania,

   Anaplasma, Babesia, Rickettsia, Theileria, Toxoplasma and Anisakiasis)

• veterinary pharmacovigilance, health food of animal origin

• prevention, rehabilitation and safety in the working and living

• integration of resources and answers welfare

• reducing inequalities in accessibility and usability of health services

• biotechnology

• protection and promotion of health
• Food Hygiene

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