Aosta Valley is an Italian autonomous region strategically located on the west of the Alps, bordering France and Switzerland.


Among the regional industrial sector, representing about 20% of GDP, the most important activities are: steel, electronics, ICT, building, mechanic and mechatronics, renewable energies.


The business environment is primarily represented by micro-enterprises (95% of companies have less than 9 employees).


The Department for Industry, Handicraft and Energy  of the Region Aosta Valley is a regional public authority in charge and responsible for the development and implementation of research and innovation policies, as well as for business support measures to R&I. Moreover,  we are currently working in the process of elaboration and implementation of the smart specialisation strategy of Region Aosta Valley. We are established in Aosta, the main town of our region: as well, Region Aosta Valley has a Brussels based representative office.

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