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The Region of Crete ( is Public Law Entity, a second grade local self government authority of Greece organized and operated according to the Greek Law 3852/2010 “Kallikratis Program” and offers services for the benefit of the citizens. It consists of 6 General Directorates and 36 Directorates that aim at Economic, Social and Cultural Development of the Island of Crete and regarding the Development, Development Planning, Environment and Infrastructure, Regional Agricultural Economy and Veterinary Services, Transport and Communicationns, Public Health and Social Care, Civil Protection and Defence, as well as Internal Function. It designs, plans and implements policies at regional level as part of its responsibility, in terms of the sustainable development and social cohesion of the country, taking into account National and European Policies.

Region of Crete has also established the Regional Development Fund of Crete (RDFC,, constituted for management, according to the decisions of the regional council of credits, of the public investments program, the financing of public bodies and other legal persons, financing from EU programs and other international organizations and bodies, in regard to regional and special development programs of the Region. RDFC provides support for the development planning and technical support of the region, especially in the conduct of studies and research and also implementation of programs.The Intermediate Management Authority (www. of the Region of Crete was constituted with Joint Ministerial Decision 9776/Implementation of Operational Programs/1129/29-2-2008 and is the Intermediate Management.Body for the management for the Program Periods 2007-2013 and 2014-2020, subject directly to the Regional Governor of Crete.


Main activities/areas of interest


The Region of Crete is demonstrating a strategic planning in its territoty for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth under the vision of the “Europe 2020” and for the environment, energy, climate change, social policy, health, innovation and government.

Co-operation with local, regional, national and EU partners, is essential for the success of strategic regional planning and thus the dialogue, the experience, the expertise and the know how exchange between crucial national and EU partners is the key mean for the Region of Crete to succesfuly achieve the goals of social cohesion and development. The Region of Crete has the opportunity through its great experience in implementing National and European projects to carry out several actions of information, promotion and diffusion of knowledge and to build a network of cooperation with several partners throughout EU. Topics of interest include  Development PlanningEnvironment, Spatial Planning, Climate Change, Technical Works and Infrustructure, e-GovernmentCitizens’ ServicesAgricultural EconomyIndustry & SMEs development,, Energy and Natural ResourcesLifelong Learning, Employment, Commerce, Tourism, Transport, Communications, Public Health, Social Care, Civil Protection. A specific working group has been also established and linked with Regional Units and Directorates of the Region of Crete, responsible for submitting and implementation of European and National Funded Projects.




Region of Crete participates to important European Networks such as: the Committee of the European Regions (CoR) and Regional Groups (ENVE, NAT, ARLEM, AIM), the Peripheral Conference of Maritime Regions of Europe (CRPM_CPMR), the European Grouping of Territorial Cooperation (GECT), the Association of European Regions for Products of Origin (AREPO), the European Association of Mountain Areas (EUROMONTAGNA), as well as to the (Greek) Union of Greek Regions (ENPE), and recently, to the European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN). Region of Crete also joins several thematic clusters.




Region of Crete participates to the Adriatic – Ionian Macroregion, and it is strongly involved in the implementation of the four pillars (Blue Growth, Connectivity, Environment, Sustainable Tourism) of the  European Strategy of Adriatic Ionian Macroregion, as well as to the consultation of major EU Strategies and policies.



Innovation Regional Council 



Region of Crete has created the Regional Council for Innovation (RCIC), for a strong and continuously developing Economy of Knowledge, based on technological innovation, aimed at upgrading the quality of life of the residents of the Region of Crete and achieving sustainable development which respects the environment and culture.The RCIC operates as an advisory body of the Region, dealing with issues related to the promotion of innovation and the strengthening of the competitiveness of Crete, proposes actions which could be realized by bodies or partnerships of bodies with financing from various sources. Furthermore, it proposes changes and revisions in case the actions realised are not effective. The RCIC may constitute ad hoc working teams with the responsibility of recommending issues for elaboration, which will be either proposed for discussion or selected for this reason by the Council on the basis of Region's priorities and Strategy.Specific working teams are set for that, on Information and Communication Technologies, Tourism, Energy, Environment, Culture, Health, Entrepreneurship, Green Development, Agro Sector, Mountainous Development


Incredible Crete


The Region of Crete has created in order to provide touristic information concerning the island of Crete. This site provides exceptional information aiming at the upgrade of the touristic product of Crete and strengthening the community of tourism in general.

In addition, the Region of Crete has invested in building collaborations with groups such as agrotourism (see and, the primary sector of the economy of the island ( and etc,) and the eco-economy ( thus providing important information for different sectors/communities of the island.


Open Data Policy


Moreover, the Region of Crete has facilitated an open data portal ( providing several open data sets to the public. This portal acts as a point of access to a growing range of free to use, linked and redistributed for commercial or non-commercial purposes data.



Crete's Regional Smart Specialization Strategy


The vision of the development plan for the island of Crete, under the NSRF 2014-2020, is: "Dynamic and Sustainable Crete". "Dynamic" in the sense of having a-comprehensive exit strategy from the crisis, by investments and by strengthening of interconnections and exporting character of the dynamic sector of the regional economy: agri-food, culture, tourism, environment, knowledge economy. "Sustainable" in terms of the economic, environmental and social values.Crete’s Regional Smart Specialization Strategy adopts the vision of the development plan of Crete for the period 2014-2020 and in order to provide: 1.a comprehensive proposal for the regional economy exit the crisis as it seeks: to exploit the potential offered by the innovation and scientific knowledge, to enhance the competitiveness of the established disciplines, and for the expansion of the productive base in Crete towards new emerging sectors with high added value, 2. the framework for addressing most important environmental issues and challenges of Crete in terms of sustainable development and job creation through the potential offered by the innovation and scientific knowledge.




Coordinator - Contact Person


Dr Eleni Hatziyanni

Director of Environment and Spatial Planning

Coordinator of EU Projects

email:, skype Eleni Hatziyanni

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