Call for Peer Reviews - deadline 28 June

Date: 28/06/2019

The Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform called Peer Reviews for Managing Authorities and Regional Development entities is a constructive way for managing authorities and regions to obtain input and feedback on the challenges that policy makers for renewable energy, energy efficiency and mobility are facing. Carefully selected European peers are invited to the host region for a structured exchange of experiences and to provide input and recommendations addressing the specific local challenge.

Thehands-on service can be used to support regional policies in the area of low carbon economy (renewable energy, energy efficiency and mobility). The first two Peer Reviews in the areas of Low-carbon economy (see articles attached) and have received excellent feedback from the host regions Hauts-de-France and East-Belgium.

A new Call for Peer Reviews is now open until 28 June 2019. The terms of Reference are attached.


You can find additional information through the following links: