INNJECT - Fostering competitiveness of manufacturing SMEs through Open Innovation Platforms for digital innovation

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Energy & Climate Change
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The partnership comprise of different types of partner and partner regions in order to match the full bandwidth of open innovation and digital innovation. Some regions are already frontrunner in terms of Open Innovation Platforms or digital innovation with the aim to continuously improve their policy instruments of open innovation and digital innovation through exchange with the INNJECT partners. Other partner regions are followers eager to learn from the more advanced partners, to import existing Good Practices and to adapt them according to their regional specifics. Some partners are acknowledged experts in open innovation, others in Internet of Things. These partners will play an important source for knowledge dissemination among the partnership and for the development of the standardized approach on ways how to create OIP for digitization. Less experienced partners will ensure that the elaborated standardized approach is not only a guidebook for high-achieving European regions in terms of open innovation and Industry 4.0, but also applicable in less advanced regions.
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Koprivnički poduzetnik d.o.o