NGO SustainableEnergy (DK) offers expertise as partner in Energy Efficiency projects

Call Title:
EE-06-2016-2017 Engaging private consumers towards sustainable energy
Working Group:
Deadline of the Call:
Partners type and roles of interest:
  Role of interests in projects: Energy Exhibition activities. Educational activities about renewable energy and energy efficiency for e.g. local citizen, building professionals, local community administrations. Training of home owners, professionals from e.g. building sector, technical staff, teachers in primary and secondary schools. Educational activities in schools. Energy advice sessions with homeowner associations and local community representatives. Energy auditing of housing associations.   SustainableEnergy has the relevant expertise and organisational ressources to be a partner in EU-project, having more than 20 years of international and EU project experience. The organisation has personel skills witin communication, technical expertise, sociology, project managment, controller/administration. Relevant partner in consortia with regions, municipalities, consumer organisations, recearch/educational institutions etc. 
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