Bridge building towards young responsible and resilient citizens in our global village

Location: Tour & Taxis; Avenue du Port 86C, 1000 Bruxelles
Event Date: 2017-06-07
Time: 18:00:00

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Laureate filmmaker Jean Charles L'Ami will share his experiences on strengthening the resilience of young people to help them recover from shocks caused by natural disasters and conflict situations. The content of the workshop is based upon L’Ami’s experience in developing countries such as Burundi, Cuba and Venezuela. Special emphasis will be placed on Venezuela’s 1999 flood case, which shows how young victims can become key players for the prevention of natural disasters by sharing dynamic testimonials through storytelling-videos produced by themselves. This experience served to produce animated and documentary films, which have been disseminated through social networks, generating a great impact over the target audiences.

This activity is organized in the frame of the EDD 2017, in collaboration with ‘KIDSCAM a Flemish animation studio for children and youngsters’, a mobile animation studio that allows children and teens to produce animated films; ‘Communication Package’, a communication agency with a large experience in communicating international cooperation and development, and ‘Lulomotion’, an animation studio based in Venezuela that works with the Andean region and creates content for children and teenagers connecting and addressing their educational needs.

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