Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND Workshop

Centre Albert Borschette, room AB-1A, Rue Froissart 36
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What to expect from this workshop?

Through this workshop, attendees will see how cities/regions/countries succeeded in enhancing the quantity and the quality of their Research and
Innovation Human Resources through the M(S)CA COFUND scheme, and used that to drive local/national economic dynamism. Stakeholders having, directly or indirectly, benefited from a COFUND project in their city/region/country will share their experiences with the audience and present how seizing the COFUND opportunity enabled them to increase the competitiveness and attractiveness of their city/region/country by retaining or bringing in new talented researchers.

Who can apply and benefit from MSCA-COFUND? 

Well, basically any legal entity that funds or manages doctoral or postdoctoral research programmes can be a COFUND beneficiary, provided that it is based in a member state or an associated country to Horizon 2020. Potential beneficiaries thus include i.a. regional authorities, national ministries, funding agencies, universities but also industry/private sector entities.

MSCA-COFUND: What for? and how?

The COFUND scheme can be used to attract new talented researchers to your city/region/country, but also to send your researchers abroad to acquire key new knowledge and skills which they can in turn bring back to your city/region/country. COFUND helps (re)inforce the eco-system between local/national administrations, universities, industry/private companies, other key socio-economic actors and society at large. It may be used as an instrument that will help you implement your smart specialisation strategy if you have one, but it can also bring true added value to your city/region/country even if you don't. In this setting, your city/region/country, together with its main R&I actors, can even combine European Structural and Investment Funds (ESF, ERDF, etc.) together with H2020 MSCA-COFUND, to enlarge the scope of your action and reach a broader impact. 

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