What’s next for the future of knowledge in Europe?

Neth-ER, Aarlenstraat 22, Brussels
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Europe is facing a number of major challenges in the fields of economy, globalisation, digitisation, security, health, energy and climate change. Societal issues require an innovative approach and knowledge is crucial to address these challenges. This means that knowledge needs to be embedded in all policy areas, and that the debate on how to prioritise knowledge should involve a large range of stakeholders.
The Dutch knowledge community would like to engage in this debate. Please reserve the afternoon of 27 September for a work conference about the contribution of knowledge to Europe’s future. The aim of the conference is to have a multidisciplinary debate with different stakeholders at EU level about the role that knowledge plays in their area of expertise and how that role could be facilitated through EU policy.
The Netherlands House for Education and Research (Neth-ER) would like to cordially invite you to the work conference to share your ideas on the relevance of education, research and innovation to your particular field of expertise. We shall contact you soon to discuss the aim and context of the event and your possible contribution.
For more information, please contact Neth-ER@neth-er.eu