Health and biotechnology generating new business opportunities in Brazil

São Paulo; Brazil
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The Health and Biotechnology sector (cosmetics, toiletries, pharmaceuticals, food, chemistry and health services) has been identified as one of the strategic sectors for Brazil.  This event aims to promote the generation of technology-based business opportunities between European and Brazilian companies.  



  • Identify the challenges in the Health and Biotechnology sector in Brazil  and generate spaces and mechanisms to help transform these challenges into sustainable collaboration between SMEs from Europe and Brazil to develop technology-based business opportunities.
  • Consolidate collaboration areas in the business opportunities based in technology and innovation.
  • Provide a space to find the right partners to overcome existing and future market challenges. 
  • Link agents supporting business opportunity generation , such as financial bodies, market and technology experts, initiatives for the promotion of business between Brazil and Europe, etc.
  • Generate bilateral meetings between potential European and Brazilian partners in order to promote the co-generation of specific opportunities.