Call for expression of interest for regional authorities: Boosting the circular economy amongst SMEs in Europe

Audience: Private
Date: 2017-08-10

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The European Commission invites regional authorities in the European Union to put themselves forward if they are interested in receiving policy advice in the form of tailored policy briefs from: KPMG, Ecofys, CSR Netherlands and Circle Economy regarding resource efficiency, eco-innovation and circular economy uptake by SMEs. The policy briefs are expected to be delivered to your organisation in Q1 2018.

The offer:

Policy advice in the form of policy briefs including:

  • regional policy recommendations,
  • detailed action plans and roadmaps aimed at targeting SMEs to adopt resource efficiency, eco-innovation and/or circular economy strategies and practices.

Your benefits:

  • Tailored advice specific to your region
  • Improved policies on circular economy, resource efficiency and eco-innovation can lead to increased regional employment and possibilities for future economic growth
  • SMEs in your region can benefit from e.g. cost reductions, new/increased revenue streams and improved environmental performance

What is expected from you if you participate:

  • Cooperation and sharing of relevant information to make the policy brief as specific to your region as possible
  • Plans to implement policies to support SMEs on this issue

Closing date for submission: 18th of September 2017