General Assembly of the EIP-SCC: "Towards a Joint Investment Programme for Smart Cities"

Square Brussels Meeting Centre; Mont des Arts/Kunstberg B-1000; Brussels
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External Event
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Energy & Climate Change
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08:00 - 17:00
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The annual General Assembly of the EIP-SCC: "Towards a Joint Investment Programme for Smart Cities" will be held in Brussels, on October 12th 2017, with a clear focus on stimulating joint investment in the smart cities market, building towards a coordinated plan to make that real in the market at scale. 

Our ambition is to increase the extent to which the Marketplace provides an effective matchmaking function - bringing cities, industry, and investors together - and the General Assembly plays a central role in reinforcing this strategy. We encourage Cities of all sizes seeking to implement smart solutions; Industrial players that bring innovative solutions and/or manage city services particularly related to energy, transport and ICT; as well as Investors and Financiers of such projects and services, to join the discussions.  

We will be joined by Commissioners from the sectors concerned, who will be actively involved in the debate to share their thoughts and to help making the Marketplace the arena where smart solutions are developed and implemented in European Cities.

"Towards a Joint Investment Programme for Smart Cities" summarises the goal for the General Assembly: to stimulate scale deployment of digital solutions in all sectors involved in the Marketplace.