Rethinking the Urban Environment: The EU Transition towards Smart Cities

Thon Hotel Brussels City Centre, Avenue du Boulevard 17, Brussels
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External Event
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Design & Creativity
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Achieving overall sustainability through smart cities requires a holistic problemsolving approach, integrating the most appropriate technologies, policy measures and funding sources. This would allow us to modify consumption patterns, improve energy production and distribution systems, increase efficiency in buildings and shift to different means of transportation. In this context, renewable energy sources, smart grids, building retrofitting and sustainable design, and public transport optimisation, all have a major role to play in fostering the transition, whilst the ability of digital tools to harness data from urban environments can be a key driver of future innovation.

This international symposium will provide an invaluable opportunity to engage with recent policy developments at EU level and scrutinise the future of smart cities globally. It will also enable delegates to analyse recent technological developments and suitable funding opportunities which can underpin the success of future transitions. The event will bring together representatives from the EU and national institutions, the private sector and the civil society  to share best practice and provide a broad range of perspectives.