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Founded in 2001, ERRIN is a Brussels-based platform of  Research and Innovation Organisations and Stakeholders in Regions. ERRIN  aims to strengthen regional Research and Innovation capacities by exchanging information, sharing best practice, supporting European project development, policy shaping and profile raising by working together with a partnership approach.


ERRIN helps regions get their voice heard in Brussels!

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Through its 13 Working Groups, ERRIN facilitates contacts between regional offices and regions so that they can enhance their knowledge of European policy in Research and Innovation and develop strategic European projects to strengthen regional competitiveness.


ERRIN plays a key role in Brussels by raising the profile of its members and the regional agenda in EU policies in order to make them respond better to the needs of European regions. ERRIN also works closely with European Institutions and other relevant Networks and Organisations to advance the interests of regions in R&I.



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