The European Entrepreneurial Regions have been announced

Date: 27/06/2019

We are very happy to inform that the European Committee of the Regions rewarded the most credible and forward-looking entrepreneurial regions, all of them being ERRIN members: city of Gdańsk in cooperation with the Pomorskie Region, the Business Region of Gothenburg and the region of Navarra. The regions were selected for their entrepreneurial achievements and outstanding strategies contributing to their economic development. Congratulations!


City of Gdańsk/Pomorskie Region, Poland – a joint application of Gdańsk and Pomorskie Region was selected based on the actions dedicated to developing talents, nurturing start-ups and innovative SMEs and providing business education to young people.

Business Region Gothenburg in Sweden has a focus in improving the business climate and creating better conditions for SMEs. The strategy includes skill supply, power of attraction, infrastructure and accessibility, land readiness, business climate and innovation power.

Region of Navarra, Spain - "Smart Specialisation Strategy – Navarra S3" includes promoting entrepreneurship, reduction of regulatory burden, access to finance and markets and internationalisation. Navarra is also a pioneering region in supporting entrepreneurship in Spain, aims to improve the rate of entrepreneurial activity in the local population.


More information available here.