Birmingham Researcher is conducting research about the role

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Types of partners sought

A University of Birmingham researcher is conducting research about the role of institutional entrepreneurs (change actors) in bringing about institutional change. The researcher is looking for individuals who use their resources and networking skills to instigate change initiatives and bring to the fore new ways of doing things/change, or new rules in place. These efforts could take place within projects, new policy proposal, initiatives, reforms, etc.


The researcher is looking for efforts that involve solving a pressing problem.

In general, those efforts involve:

1) identifying the wasteful status quo or the pressing problem;

2) documenting or evidencing the cost of the problem;

3) identifying and institutionalising the solution;

4) identifying the interests and obstacles of solving the problem (include supporters and opponents) to mobilise their efforts. 


The researcher would need to conduct interviews and will be in Brussels in June to conduct the fieldwork.

For more information, please contact Mr Mohsen Abu Muamar, Doctoral Researcher and Academic Mentor at the International Development Department at University of Birmingham, UK.

Deadline of the call: