Promotion and information mission among foreign and Walloon companies.

On behalf of foreign buyers, prescribers, importers and foreign prospects, on request, the Agency can:

 transmit economic data on Wallonia and its exporting potential

 provide information on products and services available among Walloon companies

 find Walloon companies for the conclusion of international partnerships

 disseminate lists of Walloon exporters.


For Walloon companies and clusters, the Agency is their full-service partner abroad and offers them a vast range of services and activities covering the entire exporting process:

 general and commercial information on foreign markets

 drawing up of individual market studies on request

 organisation of commercial prospection campaigns


(participation in international fairs, organisation of economic missions, sectoral contact days…)

 contacts with international organisations

 promotion of Wallonia and its exporting potential abroad

 financial support and funding of exports

 training and heightening of awareness in preparation for an international career.




Promotion, prospection and information of potential investors; active support to investors established in Wallonia; search for foreign buyers for Walloon industrial sites undergoing regeneration.

On behalf of foreign companies, the Agency can:

 demonstrate why Wallonia is the ideal base for development

 provide grants and adapted solutions

 facilitate relations between the company and the public authorities in charge of examining the projects

 help the investor with the entire set-up process

 explain the regional business location policy and the legal regulations governing business set-ups

 act as a coordinator to obtain funding and investment grants in Wallonia

 explain the very attractive tax policy operated in Wallonia

 develop made-to-measure simulations (funding, human resources, buildings, etc.)

 nurture contacts with public and private players that can prove useful for business development

 prepare visits and study meetings

 participate in the development of business in the Walloon Region.






 Global international visibility campaign on the advantages of Wallonia as a location for business

 Sectoral promotion of the Walloon economy

 Publication of economic newsletters for foreign companies

 Organisation of promotional campaigns combining cultural and economic aspects.



Clusters of Excellence in Wallonia:


 BioWin, the Health Competitiveness Cluster

 GeenWin, the competitiveness cluster of chemistry and materials

 The INFOPOLE Cluster TIC

 Logistics in Wallonia Competitiveness Cluster of Transportation and Logistics

 MECATECH mechanical engineering Cluster

 PlastiWin the plastics industry

 The TWIST (Walloon Technologies for Image, Sound and Text) Cluster

 SkyWin the Belgian Aerospace Competitiveness Cluster

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