University of Debrecen is Hungary’s oldest (450+ years) higher education institution operated continuously in the same city and one of the largest educational centers of the country. It is a central player in the Hungarian higher education. It has outstanding educational, research, and innovation capacities in international comparison as well and plays a major role in the realization of the objectives of the national strategies. It is also one of the top 500 universities in the world, and the rank is developing from year to year. The student community of 30,000 can study in 14 faculties, in institutions of excellent scholarly standard. The University and its hometown – Debrecen - are known as intellectual centers providing the widest spectrum of educational programs while also closely cooperating with the private sector, the business sphere, and the local governments. Besides the performance of its basic functions and duties at the highest standard and quality, the University is dedicated to play an active role in the economic development of the Észak-Alföld region (NUTS2) and acting as a service provider for innovation by companies of the region, primarily in the health industry, biotechnology, agriculture, and technology. Hungary has a National Smart Specialization Strategy, which defines Hajdú-Bihar County (NUTS3) as a ’knowledge region’ (second in the list just after the capital), based on the expenditures of the research organisations and the percentage of urban population. The strategy defines as priorities • Healthy society and wellbeing, • Advanced technologies in the vehicle and other industries, • Clean and renewable energies, • Sustainable environment, • Healthy local food, • Agricultural innovation, • ICT and Services, • Inclusive and sustainable society, viable environment. The strategy is available in English at University of Debrecen is active in the field of international and national projects. The main areas of its interest are: • health industry, • sports, • agriculture and food, • ICT, • biotechnology • social sciences • innovation and start-ups. It is ready to take part in or lead projects. University of Debrecen has a wide range of expertise in national projects, cross-border projects (HU-RO, HU-SK) and EU projects (INTERREG, Framework Programmes, Erasmus+, Campus Mundi etc.). UniDeb is commited to research, but does not forget about the third mission of the university – that is why it is one of the most important actors of the region in the field of innovation. It has a great network of innovative companies, it is cooperating with the local and national governments, the chambers (like commerce and industry, engineering, agriculture), clusters and other relevant organisations forming a lively and proactive and attractive ecosystem of innovation.

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