The Delta Region is a triple helix partnership of businesses and industry, knowledge institutions and authorities located in the South West of the Netherlands. Delta Region focuses on the three innovative clusters in the economic key areas Biobased Economy, Logistics and Maintenance.  


Partners in the Delta Region share the conviction and confidence that the opportunities created through extensive cooperation within the triple helix can be utilised for the Delta Region.


Main activities

European cooperation is crucial to transform the Delta Region agenda into day-to-day reality. The innovative clusters Biobased Economy, Maintenance and Logistics intend to enhance their cooperation across borders with partners from various European regions. The clusters aim to develop research and innovation projects driven by industries and technological partnerships.



Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are the backbone of the European economy. Supporting SMEs – both emerging and existing ones – is vital for the current and future health of the European economy. This is, of course, also true at the regional level; regions need to constantly support their SMEs in order to improve and/or retain their attractiveness as a place to live and do business. 

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