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CTCON, Technological Centre Construction of Region of Murcia is a non-profit organization formed by several companies in the construction sector. It was created in 2003 in the Region of Murcia through the Institute of Development and with the support of the Federation of Enterprises of the Construction. The main purpose of CTCON is to optimize the R&D of companies, thus enhancing their competitiveness in national and international markets and provide our customers a range of services that will achieve an increase in the quality of their products and processes. The main lines of action since the creation of the center have been conducting research projects in the scope of the construction sector, technical assistance and technology advice to companies. For all activities described, CTCON has technicians in various specialties, from chemicals to architects. It has promoted innovative projects, aimed at solving problems and needs of companies, detected by the center in different technological areas. In recent years, the areas where actions have been developed R&D&I are building materials, construction processes, energy and incorporating new technologies.

Marta Melgarejo