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INKOA is an engineering company (SME) specialised in the development of innovative and technological solutions for the Agricultural, Food, Biotechnology and Environmental Sectors, with the aim of contributing to their sustainable development by providing high-tech integral solutions. With an extended expertise of 25 years, INKOA’s products and services portfolio encompass engineering turnkey projects, intelligent greenhouses, advanced monitoring and control systems, process automation, agricultural and environmental technologies, food safety and traceability software, products electronic identification and Life Cycle Assessment applications, among others. INKOA’s commitments are focused on providing tailor-made solutions for the client, and on continuous improvement and innovation regarding both, our projects and our organisation. To know more, please visit:


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INKOA R&D strategy focuses on the development of new solutions for the Agri-Food sector, based upon electronic and ICT technologies in the following fields: • Smart Agriculture Technologies (Intelligent greenhouses with advanced climate control, Automated fertirrigation systems, Real-time management of the production processes, Remote crop monitoring, Crop sensors, Smart water management, Robotics application in the agriculture, and Irrigation monitoring and forecasting platforms). • Food Industry 4.0 (Web-based platforms, Standard product identification-RFID, Information Management Systems, Internet of Things for advanced manufacturing, On-line control technologies, and Expert ICT solution for the risk prediction). • Sustainable Production (Sustainable logistics of food products based on IoT, Life Cycle Assessment software for food products and nanomaterials, Automated monitoring and control of more sustainable fish farms, and Innovative approaches for pesticides risk assessment). The R&D Department of INKOA has a multidisciplinary qualified team of researchers encompassing agronomic and chemical engineers, food technologists, computing and electronic engineers, that assures optimum technological degree and proper coordination of the projects’ activities.