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The European Regions Research and Innovation Network (ERRIN) is a well-known Brussels-based platform that gathers around 120 regional organisations from more than 20 European countries. Established in 2001, ERRIN supports members to enhance their regional and local research and innovation capacities and further develop their R&I ecosystems. The network maintains a long-standing relationship with the EU institutions and other organisations to strengthen the regional and local dimension in EU Research and Innovation policy and programmes. 

ERRIN offers a platform for knowledge exchange and facilitates regional collaboration, supporting its members through the project development process and providing project opportunities. ERRIN members collaborate through 13 Working Groups, covering both thematic areas and overarching policy issues based on members’ priorities and on current funding opportunities. Working Group meetings are at the heart of ERRIN’s activities, as this is where our members meet regularly to exchange information, present regional examples, build new partnerships, develop joint projects, network and much more.

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  • By Ewa Chomicz

DT4REGIONS Platform and Award launched

As of 1 July 2022, the first version of the DT4REGIONS Platform to enable the development of AI and Big Data solutions for regional and local public administrations will be officially released. At the same time, the DT4REGIONS Award for the best solution for digital transformation based on AI and Big Data currently in use by public administration in Europe will be launched.

  • By Gianpiero Petruzziello

Follow up on Knowledge Exchange Platform (KEP 2.0) workshop

The European Committee of the Regions and the European Commission DG RTD held on 22 June in Brussels the first Knowledge Exchange Platform (KEP) event of the year, focusing on the way ahead for building synergies for successful green and digital transitions. ERRIN Director Pirita Lindholm moderated the panel discussion on ‘ongoing and future strategies and initiatives’.

  • By Jacob Munch

Marine litter and pollution – Smart and low environmental impact fishing gears

Challenge: This project addresses the challenges occurring from marine pollution caused by waste from fishing activities, in line with among others the Single Use Plastic Directive and the Port Reception Facilities Directive. The reduction of the marine pollution and preservation of marine fauna have high attention from the Commission where marine habitats, including seabed suffer negative effects e.g. from lost or otherwise discarded fishing gears. This project will contribute to the implementation of EU legislation, e.g.: the Directive on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment (Directive 2019/904)31 As a leading manufacturer and innovator of marine fishing gear, Cosmos Trawl located in Hirtshals, Denmark and owned by Iceland based Hampidjan, is an important player in the fishing industry. The company is well-known for its unique facilities. They supply high-quality fishing gear for the sea-going fishing, and fish farm net cages of any type and strive to be the world’s best supplier of efficient, modern fishing gear. This include an increasing focus on circularity where collected waste materials from production is recycled into new plastic granulates and thereby new fishing gear. Furthermore, the company has recently increased its collection of used ghost fishing gears with the ambition to recycle as much as possible.

Our services

Our services

Some examples of what you can gain from an ERRIN membership


We support collaboration and project development between members through providing networking opportunities to share project ideas, best practices, and personal contacts.

R&I policy

We provide concrete input to European research and innovation policy based on our members' experiences and expertise. 

Working groups

Here members can exchange knowledge and best practices in different thematic areas. We also work to create partnerships between members and external organisations. 

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