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Paragon (deactivated)
Friday, 9 June, 2017
ERRIN Contact: 
Richard Tuffs
Meeting Contact Person: 
Mr Edwin Ward, Chairman of Paragon Europe
  • 6 employees
  • Malta presidency 2017 Spring
  • Agreed on strategy for a 0 carbon economy endorsed by KIC, government, 47 organisations
  • Malta works with 3 KICS have joined forced on circular economy (DIG, RAW MATERITALS and CLIMATE KIC).
  • Digital cluster, formed with Malta. Include Paragon to ICT WG to present their digital cluster. They consider whether ERRIN should be part of the cluster, but up to the WG.
  • ESPON project: Malta is involved. We organise 20 events over the next years. Inform Malta about the events in the area. Malta can organise events up to 150 people, so conferences, large workshops.
Working Group: 
Energy & Climate Change