Call title:
RFSC-2017  Research Fund for Coal and Steel
Types of partners sought
End-user Company or indsutry partner involved in construction 

Solid-state lighting has driven reductions in electricity consumption, CO2 emissions and material waste. Indeed, its growth has facilitated the emergence of new and high value signage and lighting products, and newer developments are projected as printable lighting technologies mature. Currently, lighting elements are being installed/located, and not integrated, on the substrate materials. STEELIGHT proposes to functionalize low cost steel to produce integrated luminaires. Steel will be used as a substrate for the integration of lighting elements based on Light-Emitting electrochemical Cell (LECs) and LEDs, allowing the new product development of steel based lighting products, adding value to the steel industry

The proposal departs from preexisting know-how from actives research European projects such as the FP7 ETFE-MFM (Development and demonstration of flexible multifunctional ETFE module for architectural façade lighting.) and the RFCS STEELPV (Sustainable steels for direct deposition of photovoltaic solar cells).

Working group:
Advanced Manufacturing & Nanotechnology
Deadline of the call:
Financial aspects:
€2- 2.5million  The financial contribution of the European Union is limited to a maximum of 60 % of the allowable costs.