6th European Environmental Evaluators Network Forum: Evaluating Innovation in Environmental Protection and Sustainability

Location: Edinburgh, Scotland
Event Date: 2017-11-23
Time: 09:00:00

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Member Event

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Energy & Climate Change



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The 6th European Environmental Evaluators Network Forum (2017 EEEN Forum) will bring together practitioners, academics, policy-makers and other users of environmental evaluation to share views, knowledge and experiences about the use, relevance and future priorities for climate and environment policy evaluation.

Dates: Thursday 23 and Friday 24 November 2017
Venue: The Royal Society of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK
Hosted by: Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA)

The 2017 EEEN Forum therefore invites contributions on the role of evaluating innovation in environmental protection and sustainability. The Forum will focus both on the evaluation of innovation and on innovation in evaluation approaches.The 2017 Forum will ask whether evaluation is evolving in line with the societal and environmental challenges policy is trying to address. Europe, in order to achieve its goal of 'living well, within the limits of our planet', will need to rely inter alia on innovation to make the transition to sustainability. Many forms of innovation will be required to turn Europe into a resource-efficient, green and low-carbon economy.


The following themes are proposed to provide a broad framework for the Forum:

1. The role of social innovation

While innovation is often thought to refer to technological solutions, awareness is growing of the role of social innovations, namely new practices and behaviours that enable society to meet their needs more sustainably. Is evaluation addressing policies and governance arrangements that stimulate new practices and behaviours and their implications for environmental protection and sustainability? Which evaluation methodologies are relevant here? Which are the factors affecting public engagement? What is the role of consumers and non-state actors in this context?

2. The role of the business sector in environmental innovation

To what extent are businesses gearing up for the required transition to turning Europe into a resource-efficient, green and low-carbon economy in line with related Europe-wide policies? In evaluating these policies how do we capture the opportunities and constraints on innovation in business practice? How do we evaluate business competitiveness and financial risk in this context? Is corporate social responsibility a useful measure here?

3. Innovations in instrument evaluation

How to design policy evaluation to ensure more connectivity between policies (e.g. between resource efficiency and decarbonisation policies or between different policy types)? Is the evaluation community focusing on the right policy linkages, on so-called nexus issues? Are there new instruments or methods to evaluate environmental damages and their different kind of compensation and/or prevention? What are the effects of market regulation? Can financial incentives improve performance?

4. Innovation in implementation

The scaling up of innovative solutions often relies on supportive policy design and effective implementation. What are the innovations in approaches to implementation that will promote the transition to sustainability? How can these be evaluated? Do the European initiatives of the Environmental Implementation Review and Environmental Compliance Assurance offer lessons in this regard? What role do regulators play?

How to participate

There are several ways you can participate in the event:

As a speaker

If you wish to contribute to the event as a speaker with a presentation linked to the event themes, please fill in the submission form by 31 July 2017. You will be asked to submit a short biography, title and text of your abstract. Selected speakers will be notified about the acceptance of their contribution and requested to confirm their attendance in September.

As a session organiser

If you wish to organise a session at the event, you are welcome to submit a session proposal. Proposals should include a short session description, outline and a list of speakers, and should be submitted through this form no later than 31 July 2017. Final programme with accepted sessions will be published on the event website in September.

As a discussion leader

If you would like to moderate a session at the 2017 EEEN Forum, please submit your expression of interest through this form by 31 July 2017. Selected discussion leaders will be notified about their acceptance and requested to confirm their attendance in September.

As a participant

To join the event as a participant, please submit your expression of interest through this form by 31 July 2017. You will be asked to write a few words about why you would like to participate in the Forum. Selected participants will be notified about their acceptance and requested to confirm their attendance in September.

Financial conditions

Participation in the event will be free of charge and upon registration only. Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), the event host, will offer lunches during the event, as well as the official dinner on Thursday 23 November 2017.