26/10/2018 - 11:00

Bidding Effectively on the international stage - Public procurement and cross border tendering

The Project PPACT (funded by COSME, EU’s Programme for SMEs) has faced the challenge of improving SMEs participation in cross-border tenders related to Smart Cites (e.g. in mobility, health or energy). Now, reaching its end after 18 months, BSO services have been upgraded and SMEs bidding capabilities raised, aiming at spurring the procurement markets throughout Europe.   At this Final Open conference, the PPACT partners will be presenting Key results, Best practices and Strategies to help SMEs establish cross-border partnerships, thus enhancing their access to international tender opportunities across the Continent.  Please see the document attached for the complete agenda To attend, please confirm by email or tel. to Mr. Oscar Altimira oaltimira@catalonia.com - +32 2 230 97 46