19/11/2019 - 09:30

Bioeconomy and Energy WG: Opportunities for waste from the agri-food sector

Circularity is a core element of the European Commission’s vision for the EU bioeconomy. Applying the circular economy to the agri-food sector is important to increase resource efficiency and to produce biomass.

Large amounts of agricultural products are currently not used to their full potential or are simply not being used. Using waste from different types of feedstock – be it olive oil, swine, fruit, or dairy to name a few – to develop bioenergy, fertilisers, new chemicals etc. will significantly contribute to lower our impact on the climate and move towards the clean energy transition.

In this meeting we will explore further how waste from the agri-food sector can be used to address climate change and contribute to the energy transition. We will also discuss the European policy framework and the development of a circular bioeconomy in the agri-food sector.

After the meeting we invite you for a networking lunch. 

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