22/10/2019 - 14:30

Bioeconomy WG - Exploiting the potential of urban biowaste

  • Anna Tranberg
  • 22/10/2019 - 14:30
  • Working Group

To tackle the challenges posed by growing amounts of municipal solid waste, we need, apart from prevention and reduction, new strategies and solutions of how to reuse the different fractions. Biowaste is one of the most promising fractions as there is great potential for valorisation efforts throughout the supply chain. Biowaste comprises around 30 to 50% of urban waste being a complex and heterogeneous mixture formed of a variety of waste streams including organic material from municipal solid waste (OFMSW), sewage sludge, HORECA (food service industry), pruning, garden waste, etc. Every year over 100 million tonnes of biowaste is discarded in the EU, primarily through landfill or incineration, causing substiantial environmental problems such as soil and groundwater contamination as well as greenhouse gas emissions. Efforts are made to develop innovative solutions to transform biowaste into new products as there are great opportunities for nutrient recovery, energy productiom, feed production, and other bio-based products. Europe is currently leading this path with separate biowaste collection compulsory in 2023 for all member states, and the objective of 10% maximum landfill of municipal solid waste by 2030.

In the same vein, the Bioeconomy Strategy published in October last year states that the EU will support “efforts to turn organic waste from a societal problem into a valuable resource for the production of bio-based products”. More specifically, there is one action to develop urban bioeconomies by piloting circular bioeconomy cities through Horizon Europe. In this meeting we explore this topic further via a couple of examples from ERRIN members how urban biowaste can be exploited. We will also have the Commission present to speak more in detail on European initiatives related to (urban) biowaste. Finally, the Bio-based Industries Consortium will present a new digital platform that they are developing to facilitate matchmaking between regions seeking investments with industry. 

We hope to see many of you there! Please find the agenda attached.

Welcome coffee from 14.00 and meeting start at 14.30.

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