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10/06/2020 - 14:00

Coimbra Group Open Session Webinar on the "European Universities Alliances"

The Coimbra Group is pleased to invite you to join this open session webinar on the European Universities Alliances. 

Thematic discussions will allow to go deeper into the different Alliances’ processes of construction and their strategic approaches, while discussing the various difficulties that universities are facing throughout this process, reflecting on innovative tools and approaches and providing input into the work of the European Institutions and Member States in this area.

Two key issues will be discussed by our panellists: the sustainability of the European Universities Initiative at European level after 2023 and the opportunities and challenges in developing European degrees.

The webinar, which will be given in English, is opened to everyone interested in the rolling out of the European Universities Alliances Initiative and the progress it is expected to make towards the achievements of the European Higher Education Area.

Registrations are now open via this link and the programme can be found here