05/02/2018 - 16:00

Design & Creativity Working Group

Dear Design & Creativity Working Group Members, Some of you might have been wondering already: what happened to the Design Days? The good news: we have not forgotten about them! In order to not lose the good Design Days spirit and the excellent networking opportunities for our experts, we would like to discuss with you about a potential new smaller edition for this year. Therefore, we invite you to our brainstorming meeting on 2 May at 15.00 at Helsinki EU Office, Rue Belliard 15. The aim is to develop ideas for a new and smaller event and check who would be up and committed to support us in setting it up. Please use this opportunity and check with your experts in the region if they are interested to take part and which topics would they like DD to put forward. Any input is more than welcome!!! Furthermore, we are happy to announce we have found a new co-lead: Konsta Ylimaunu from the EU-Helsinki office will complete our trio! We are aware that 2nd of May could be a tricky day for some of you. So in case you cannot join, please send us your ideas or give us a call. We look forward to seeing you there! Kind regards, Anna, Jakob and Konsta