Digitising European Industry: opportunities for growth via automation, robotics and digitalisation

Location: Microsoft Centre, Rue Montoyer 51, Brussels
Event Date: 2017-06-14
Time: 12:00:00

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The manufacturing sector in the European Union accounts for 2 million enterprises, 33 million jobs and 60% of productivity growth. We stand on the brink of a new industrial revolution, driven by new-generation information technologies such as robotics, IoT, cloud computing and big data. They open new horizons for industry to become more adventurous, more efficient and to develop innovative products and services that could potentially add more than €110 billion of annual revenue in Europe over the next five years.

The workshop will focus on elements of the Digitising European Industry (DEI) strategy of the EC and take-up measures which are aimed at deploying not only the necessary technologies, but also deployment of regional initiatives such as Digital innovation Hubs (DIH) to support the global competitiveness of European industries.

In particular, case studies will illustrate how DIH are platforms that develop and facilitate access to pilots in real or near real operating environments, relevant to specific focus application areas (FAA). These platforms, based on open access, create technical coherence, data and knowledge exchange so as to stimulate technology-application alignment, catalysing the building of value chains.

These pilots showcase advanced prototype applications and address non-technical issues such as socio-economic impact, novel business models, legal and regulatory issues, cyber-security (including security by design and data integrity) and connections to Big Data and IoT.

The second part of the workshop is dedicated to networking discussions of participating regions with regard to main topics that we expect to play a major role in the future work program of Horizon2020. This gives the opportunity for an early match making of possible partners but also for a mapping of regional competences and cooperation opportunities. 

The final agenda of the event is attached herewith.

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