ESPON Seminar in Vilnius

Ministry of Environment, Vilnius, Lithuania
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External Event
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This ESPON seminar will be on the topic 'New thinking on multi-level governance and the administration of territorial development to improve service provision', and will take place at the Ministry of Envionment in Vilnius, Lithuania on November 17 2017. 

There is growing interest in the importance of territorial governance to achieve territorial cohesion. The Baltic countries have completed (Latvia) or are implementing administrative and governance reforms (Estonia). The topic is also an integral part of the “Comprehensive Plan for the Territory of the Republic of Lithuania 2030-2050”, which is under preparation under the direction of the Lithuanian Ministry of Environment, and should be adopted in 2020.The reform of territorial governance involves new thinking around differences between functional areas and administrative areas as well as the optimisation of services and multi-level governance.  

Based on input from three ESPON projects (RESSI, COMPASS, and ACTAREA) this workshop will examine multi-level governance and its links to administrative organisation and administrative reforms and will examine the following points:

  • How is multi-level territorial governance organised in northern Europe with specific reference to the three Baltic countries?
  • What are the most appropriate mechanisms to ensure coordination between different public sectoral policies and cooperation between different levels of public government?
  • What is role of multi-level governance for the territorial distribution of services of general interest throughout the territory?

Target audience is national and regional spatial planning policy-makers and practitioners, implementing authorities, regional and local policy-makers, university academics, from the Nordic and Baltic countries.

For more information, please check the ESPON website and the attached document.

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