25/10/2018 - 11:00

FET Innovation ecosystems: Regional support for a European Impact

  • 25/10/2018 - 11:00

The EFFECT Project is pleased to invite you to the workshop “FET Innovation ecosystems: Regional support for a European Impact”, which will take place in Brussels on the 25th of October. Please, find enclosed the preliminary agenda. The objective of the workshop is to discuss how European multi financial schemes can support breakthrough technology and high risk research and how to find synergies at all levels to unlock this innovation potential. The FET programme is leading the funding for high risk research at European level, but regional programmes can be the key to further develop the promising results achieved in FET funded projects, translating low TRL findings into new technological developments. This bridging has a great potential to enhance regional competitiveness and create new markets at regional level. For these reasons, we count on your active participation in the workshop as representative of the Digital Innovation Hubs ecosystem. Together we can co-design recommendations for future EU support and funding schemes. After a quick round of presentations highlighting the hot topics of the debate, a  world café will take place to enable all attendees to actively participate in and contribute to the discussion and its outcomes.  Representatives from the FET community, DG CONNECT and DG REGIO will also be directly involved in the workshop. They will share their views and take part in the discussion with you to design future measures in support of high risk research and break-through innovation. An agenda of the event is attached herewith. To participate, please write to LMARTIARENA@zabala.es before 21st October.