Food in Regions – one health, from regionality to functionality

Location: Sankt Petersburg Hotel, Bulgaria Blv 97, 4003 Plovdiv, Bulgaria
Event Date: 2018-06-13
Time: 00:00:00

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Everyone has to eat but unfortunately all do not eat well. However, we aim to demonstrate that the regions of Trento (IT), Flanders (B), Lower Silesia (P), and Scotland (UK) are delivering innovation and associate produce that represent an important contribution to regional economies, whilst delivering diverse and high nutritional quality regional foods that underpin strategies to protect against chronic and degenerative diseases, such as cardiovascular disease, some cancers and neurodegenerative diseases.

Intimately aligned with this are the diversity of agricultural produce and management systems which together can co-deliver food supply and value chain sustainability as well as health benefits. The now well recognised One Health concept is an appropriate approach to highlight how the participating regions are active in growing a sustainable food bioeconomy, the products from which underpin health and well-being. These successes, in the form of presentations on specific examples and case studies, will describe how regional foods can be employed to improve food chain sustainability, help reduce the socioeconomic impact of degenerative disease, and  improve regional economic viability and ecological resilience in the face of climate change.

This is a side event of the Bulgarian Presidency Conference Food 2030: Research and Innovation for Food and Nutrition Security, that will take place in Bulgaria between 14-15 June 2018.

Please read more about the Conference and register here.