Globalism, Bilateralism, Economic Patriotism? Challenges for Society and Business

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The European Forum for New Ideas is an international congress of business milieus organised since 2011, by the Polish Confederation Lewiatan in cooperation with BusinessEurope, the City of Sopot, as well as business and institutional partners. This year’s 7th edition of the Forum will take place on September 27-29, 2017. 

Discussions at EFNI relate to important issues facing the global and European economy, such as growth prospects, security, social and demographic changes, climate challenges, competitiveness, innovation etc. We discuss issues that are critical to Poland, Europe and the world. We address universal questions; however we always approach them from a business perspective. 

This year's edition of the European Forum for New Ideas 2017 will be held under the theme, ‘Globalism, Bilateralism, Economic Patriotism? Challenges for Society and Business.’ Discussions at the Forum will be conducted within three main contexts: global, European and business perspective. 

Each segment will be initiated by a panel discussion. Other topics within the segment will be developed using various forms of meetings such as workshops, lectures or evening talks.

Please find attached the agenda of the event. You can register for the event here.