Health WG Meeting

This Health WG meeting will be on value based health care. Value-based health care is a new way of thinking about optimal use of resources needed. The value-based care movement involves greater recognition of what patient’s value when defining health and care outcomes. Instead of focusing on just effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of health care, we should ensure that the available resources are used for interventions that provide outcomes that patient’s value the most. This can make sure that resources are used in an optimal way. Value-based health care puts what patients value at the centre of healthcare. It helps ensure that they receive the care that can provide them with outcomes they think are important and that limited resources are focused on high-value interventions. Value-based healthc are can tackle some of the challenges health systems are facing. Though, this evolution requires a paradigm shift, bringing along new transition-related challenges. Within this framework, the aim of this ERRIN health meeting is to provide information about: The policy framework at EU level; Potential funding sources to support the transition to “value-based healthcare”; Concrete examples of transition projects implemented by hospitals or regions. Please find the agenda attached.