Impawatt and ESI Europe-Presentation of the platform and results
09/03/2021 - 10:00

IMPAWATT and ESI Europe H2020 Energy Projects Presentation and open discussions

Improve the ENERGY PERFORMANCE of European companies company

IMPAWATT and ESI Europe H2020 Energy Projects

Presentation and open discussions

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The objective of the IMPAWATT project is to Increase the implementation of the energy efficiency investments and measures in industry. How? through the development of an online capacity and staff building project. An internet platform is available in English and in the national languages of the partners of the project (French, Finnish, German, Italian) and is accessible for free.

During this session, we will present this platform and its content, as well as the various tools available for the implementation of energy efficiency measures and the development of energy culture in the companies

The objective of the ESI Europe project is to increase investments in energy efficiency by Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs).

How? By reducing the high risk-perception of decision-makers within SMEs towards investment in EE with an innovative solution, the Energy Savings Insurance model. The model is comprised of a set of elements, including a standardised contract, an insurance coverage, an independent technical validation and access to green financing. The ESI Europe project team is implementing the model under “GoSafe with ESI” in Italy, Portugal and Spain, engaging stakeholders from insurance companies, technology providers, SMEs and financial institutions. The dissemination to other European countries is envisioned.

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