Industry 4.0 in the Aviation Sector

Location: Hanse-Office, Avenue Palmerston 20, 1000 Brussels
Event Date: 2017-09-25
Time: 18:30:00

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Member Event

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Introducing of so called “smart factories” under the header of Industry 4.0 has started in almost all industries. In the aviation industry, as in other sectors, they are characterized by interoperability between machines, devices and humans as well as by cyberphysical systems becoming as autonomous as possible.  

Hamburg as the world’s third largest place for civil aviation is home of the leading edge cluster “Hamburg Aviation”. The cooperation of industry, science and politics in the cluster supports the implementation of innovative processes in the aviation sector, using additive production methods, robots and exoskeletons, used by highly qualified employees. 

What do industry, research and educational institutions need to enhance their partnerships and to become even more innovative? Which factors particularly affect the implementation of the most modern technology along the entire value chain? How can the relation between working people and robots become a win-win-situation? What will be the role for politics and administration on regional, national and EU-level? 

These and other questions will be discussed with experts from Hamburg and Brussels.