26/06/2019 - 13:00

Policy for the future Arctic – the importance of research

The future of the Arctic is characterised by major challenges connected to the big changes in the climate and environment, but also great possibilities. A sustainable development in the Arctic will require international collaboration. Decisions need to be made on a solid knowledge base as pointed out both in the EU's and Norway's white papers for the Arctic.

This seminar will provide you with overviews of both the EU's and Norway's policy priorities for the Arctic. Furthermore, the seminar gives you the opportunity to be updated on the newest Norwegian research strategies for the Arctic region, including Svalbard, to meet these challenges, and the close connections with EU's future research priorities in the Arctic. There will be also be comments from our Nordic neighbours, based on their own perspectives and priorities.

The seminar will include discussions on the importance of research for developing a future sustainable Arctic and how Norway, as one of the leading countries in Arctic research, can contribute to EU's ambitions for the area.

All participants are welcome to a networking lunch, immediately after the seminar.

To confirm your participation, please register here by 19 June.