15/03/2018 - 11:00

The Rise of City Networks and Megaregions

  • 15/03/2018 - 11:00
Could closer cooperation between metropolitan regions be the key to future competitiveness and prosperity in Europe, in the Nordic countries? What is the potential of Western Scandinavia – the area from Oslo via Gothenburg to Skåne /Öresund? What are the most important issues for the future in areas such as innovation, attractiveness, integration and infrastructure? What is the role of cities and regions? On March 15, the OECD launches its Territorial Review of Megaregion Western Scandinavia in Gothenburg at an international conference on urban networks and megaregions. It is OECD's first study of Megaregions and there was great interest among Member States when the study was discussed at the OECD in Paris in December 2017. EU is also increasingly emphasizing the importance of having good neighbors for the devopment of your own territory. Questions about innovation, attractiveness, integration and infrastructure are key elements of the study. At the conference, we take these issues a step further by discussions state of the art and future solutions with introductions by OECD speakers followed by dialogues with representatives of business, academy and politics. Western Scandinavia extends from Oslo via Gothenburg and West Sweden down towards Skåne/Öresund. A region with a total GDP equal to the whole of Norway or half the Swedish and with one third of the inhabitants of each country. Welcome to The Rise of City Networks and Megaregions in Gothenburg! Please use this link for more information about the event, the agenda and to register for the event   Questions on content: Tomas Ekberg, tomas.ekberg@vgregion.se Questions on location: Anita Bäckman, anita.backman@vgregion.se